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Saturday, December 18, 2010

wow car Mazda

wow car
car Mazda announced officially Nagare design language for dead after a brush with short production car. Now, has unveiled a Mazda car design theme with a new concept Shinari her, dubbed Kudo. Company executives also provided an indication on the platform of the future and further development of the "Sky" powertrain.
car revealed the concept of Shinari, as well as on the subject of the new design Kudo, at the press conference which was held near Milan, Italy. In Japanese, Kodo means "the spirit of the movement" (fortunately not a "push") and a description of the subject lines Shinari elegant, in the absence of strakes flow from Nagare. And Shinari is the athlete,
He pointed out that the design will affect the Mazda
car production, and perhaps the next auto fuel efficiency. Japanese brand is currently developing a new multi-purpose platform, as well as engine fuel efficiency and Sky automatic transmission of a new car six-speed gearbox.


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