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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wow car New 2011 Hyundai ix35

wow car  New 2011 Hyundai ix35
Rides ix35 Hyundai wheel car base 2640mm by 10mm longer than the Hyundai Tucson outgoing. In 4410mm 1820mm And, it is also wider than its predecessor (which are 85mm 20mm, respectively), greatly improving the car interior space, but has been reduced overall height of 1660mm 20mm without affecting the rise.
Travel in the biggest shake-front seat gives more legroom and headroom for taller drivers. Center console box has been expanded to 6.2 liters to more storage. In addition, it has been raising the height of the screen the background of the cargo capacity of extra binnacle has been added a small store in the rear cargo area.

For more than expand the scope of its appeal, and Hyundai ix35
car to obtain the latest engines, fuel-efficient and six-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Clients will be offered Western Europe a choice of two gasoline engines and clean-burning frugal: 2.0 to Theta rated second in the 166ps and 20.1kg.m of torque, which emits just 178g/km (2WD metric tons) of CO2 and 1,6 GDI Gamma provide 140ps and 17kg.m of torque, which is available from November 2010, which provides only 158g/km of CO2. This engine will be available 1,6 GDI technology with intermittent Iraq Study Group, as well as reducing CO2 to just 149 g / km.


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